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The Uncyclopedia explains everything you ever needed to know about your mom (and then some).

Quote of the Day:
"Somehow, Bo's personality is part Benito Mussolini, and part drag queen. To which we say: watch out, world. It's the unholy marriage of dictatorship and glitter."
Too funny.

And speaking of too funny, the zombification of Eric continues.

Justin Timberlake may have gotten his SexyBack, but some gals just go for some HairyBack.

To quote Yabu, "That just ain't right."

Sheesh. I had just yesterday finally gotten rid of my latest earworm and what happens? Ms. Althouse happens. That's just cruel.

Fortunately, I'm headed off to the United Center to see Eric Clapton tonight. What do you want to bet that I'll have a new earworm tomorrow?

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LadyGunn said...

Did you scroll all the way to the bottom to the artist's impression of your mom? That was the best part of the whole thing!