Leslie's Omnibus


Side note to Eric: 6087 Delores Blvd., Brook Park, OH. 234-4674. I've forgotten a whole lot since then, but never that one.

Mr. Debonair is waxing poetic about ice cream. He can keep his Carvel Cookie Puss. This is the only ice cream brand/flavor that blows this Omnibus Driver's skirt up. WAY up.

I should stop by Kevin's place more often. He always has thoughtful posts. This one on the difference between a panhandler and a homeless person is a must read. The guy is living the life, so you can and should take his word for it.


Elisson said...

Carvel may invoke my Nostalgia Reflex, but given the choice between Godiva and Carvel, I'm going for the Godiva every time.

kimsch said...

white chocolate raspberry... ummmmmm .... wayyyyy up!

Anonymous said...

.... rock on, Leslie.... Godiva kicks...