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"Victim of 'voyeuristic wildlife TV'" my ass.

Voyeuristic "wild life" TV is "Jackass" or "Fear Factor" or "Big Brother" -- the kinds of shows where people humiliate themselves on camera for no other reason than money and five minutes of fame. None of them are victims, either -- just pathetic glory seekers.

Steve Irwin, on the other hand, grew up around dangerous wildlife and respected it more than almost anyone I can think of. He was a wonderful teacher, and did more for educating the general public about wildlife conservation than anyone since Marlin Perkins. He knew the risks, and he took them willingly -- joyfully, even. His goal was education and conservation -- and he did it in an entertaining way, but in his role as an educator, he made sure people everywhere knew that you should never, ever handle dangerous animals, but let an expert do it.

I have two problems with the way he went out, though.

First, he violated his own rule, and was out of his area of expertise when he was in the ocean. He should have let the experts do it. Hell! He had Jacques Cousteau's grandson along filming the damned show. He should have let Phillipe do the diving, and done the commentary instead.

Second of all, he might have lived if he would have left the stinger in. A very important lesson for us all.

In a way, it is fitting that he went out doing what he loved best -- educating the world about the beauty and fickle nature of creatures in their natural habitat.

My heart goes out to his Dad, his wife Terri, and children Bindi and Bob.

The world is a poorer place for his loss.

Quote of the Day:

"Since the conviction, the governor's friends have complained the old man has suffered plenty. Prison isn't necessary. Dragged into court and stripped of his dignity, the governor has been reduced like some common criminal. This, his friends say, is punishment enough."

Like some common criminal? Hell, he is a common criminal -- and an unrepentant one, to boot.

Remember the iPod lawsuit? This is a far better example of how something like that should have been handled. Not just reparation, but atonement. Great parenting, and wonderful life lessons.

A note to the good folks at Playtex -- lift and separate is good... but that doesn't mean I want "the girls" in separate counties, for God's sake!


Teresa said...

Darn I've been so busy I haven't kept up with the former Gov and his antics. I need to read up on this. Yes, you are quite right, he is a common criminal... I hope they throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought about what his chances might have been had he left the "dagger" in, but, that bastard had to burn. And burn bad. When it's burnin' inside one of your vital organs, one's first reflex is going to be to rid yourself of the "stinger"... I was takin' a skate off a hook in Carolina late last winter, early spring, and just happened to hit a spine on it's head, and let me tell you, I knew it right when it happened. I didn't get hit by the tail, 'cause I had my foot on that thing, but just tryin' to remove the hook, and gettin' nicked by a spine, I wish now, I'd have just "cut the line"...


PS: Be sure to say a "Hey or two" to the service men and women you're sure to see in the airport at Hotlanta...

I know you will.