Leslie's Omnibus


Quote of the Day: "I have monkeys in my pants."

Geeze. Some people will go to great lengths to steal someone else's schtick.

Hmmm.... I wonder if Mr. Debonair Hizzownself has one of these on his Christmas list? Or maybe one of these?


Elisson said...

Hrm. What is this "Christmas" of which you speak?

Farts and boogers. Well, once you've shitblogged, boogerblogged, and earwaxblogged, it's all fair game, innit?

Omnibus Driver said...

Urk. I stand corrected. But surely you have a list of goodies you'd like to find under the Chanukah bush, no?

As the rest, you and your blown-eyed brethren have just raised my appreciation for all things of a scatological nature. Now I fairly trip over the stuff just about everywhere I go. Thank you for that. Really.