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The nice thing about birthday celebrations is that sometimes they last for several days. Like this year, for instance!

Mine really took off on Friday (er, I mean SATURDAY) evening, when hooked up with my BlogDaddy and his lovely (and feisty) mom for dinner downtown. After a lovely dinner and dessert, we walked his mom back to their hotel, then headed out to one of my all-time favorite hangouts for cocktails and conversation.

Much as I HATE having my picture taken, I love and adore my BlogDaddy, and couldn't resist the opportunity to show him off. Besides, it's easy to loosen your inhibitions when you're sitting in a 5 a.m. bar... [Kevin, smooches to you and your mom. It was a fabulous evening!]

Sunday found me taking the Sainted Sister-In-Law and TBMCITW...

...to lunch at this Des Plaines institution...

...then we drove a few miles south to see The Wiggles...

... in order to celebrate TMBCITW's fourth birthday one week ago. I don't have kids and I'd never seen the Wiggles before, but must admit that my toes were tapping and I was as enthusiastically noisy as the rest of the kids and parents in the Arena. It's a bright, colorful, singing and dancing extravaganza that you really shouldn't miss if you have small children.

Later yesterday evening, I pointed the Sportage south towards Naperville, where I hooked up The Princess Mom. TPM's eagle eye had spotted a couple of lamps at bargain prices at the local Tuesday Morning, so of course we had to make a little side trip before hitting our dinner reservation at this place. (The lamps weren't quite what I was looking for, but I scored throw pillows for the living room -- yahoo!)

I've gotta tell you, my mom rocks. She may drive me crazy from time to time, but only when she showers me with an overabundance of kindness. (Yeah. Life is tough when you can complain about that, isn't it?) Dinner was outstanding, and conversation even better.

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to have any better birthday, look what TPM sent me today:

Like I said, my mom rocks.

Thanks for all the words of kindness from around the blogosphere, as well. A gal couldn't ask for nicer friends!


Dana said...

I finally get to see a photo of you!! Whoo...I got a present (TWICE) for your birthday.

Did you get my E-Card, dear one?

kimsch said...

Happy Birthday. Now go give yourself the best present of all, freedom from tobacco! It really works, over 100 days now for me!

Maeve said...

That is how birthdays should be spent. Over many days with many people that you love.

Catfish said...

Glad you had a great day. A late birthday wish for you, Cat

k said...

Happy b-day! Since it was celebrated over several days I figured I could be loosey-goosey with the timing on the birthday wishes, myself. ;-)

Catfish said...

Happy birthday and you look like a good down home country girl, Cat

Nancy said...

Happy Birthday again.. and 'Pup sends his greetings as well.