Leslie's Omnibus

Tootin' the Horn

My BlogDaddy is rolling into town from Pittsburgh tomorrow with his mama in tow. They're going to hit the old neighborhood to check in with the regulars tomorrow night. Saturday night, they're taking me to dinner for my birthday (actual date, tomorrow).

This funny exchange ensued in our emails back and forth to set plans in place:

KGB: I'm looking forward to another of our long talks, assuming I can get mom to bed at a reasonable hour. She's a real party animal...

OD: Who knows? Mom might have some interesting things to say, too!

KGB: That's what concerns me. ;-)

OD: It could be worse. I could bring my mom, too.

It really is too frightening to consider… (especially since I intend to find out whether he's avenged the Pope again any time recently...)

Whoohoo! Dinner with my BlogDaddy!

P.S. -- I'm seriously considering ordering one of these for him for his birthday. Heh!


Livey said...

Dammit why didn't you tell me it was your birthday tomorrow?! Happy Birthday! Love ya lots!

Maeve said...

Happy Birthday!!!!