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Headline of the Day: "Paris Hilton to Magazine: I'm Celibate"


And I'm the Queen of England.


When will the media stop giving that little twit the time of day?

Quote of the Day:
"Allow me to explain the business model of a cruise ship. When you set sail, the ship has a billion tons of food and a few thousand humans. The cruise company’s objective is to end the cruise with something on the order of one leftover cupcake and a billion tons of feces. I’m fairly certain that if that goal is not met, a busboy from Mozambique is thrown overboard as a warning to the other crew members." -- Scott Adams
Having been on more than one cruise ship, I can unequivocably confirm that he is correct.

Update: This would have been the quote of the day, if I hadn't read the above post first. (Spit-take advisory in effect.)

I saw a vanity plate this weekend that said "MAMAMRY".

Remove one letter, and the State of Illinois would have had some 'splaining to do.

Let's just say it took me a second read-through to figure out what I think it really means, not what I thought it said at first glance.

In either case, how strange.


tony said...

I think Paris said, "I celibate and I give a bit away!"

Harvey said...

Yeah, I was thinkin' boobs for the license plate, too :-)