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Very interesting...

I am a classic spoons!
Find your own pose!

... and accurate:

Classic Spoons Traits and Tendencies: Critics may write off Classic Spoons as too "vanilla," but people who dismiss this pose as flavorless clearly have never been properly spooned. Proper placement may be easy to achieve, but a true Classic Spoons is more than two bodies curled back-to-front. It's a rare couple indeed who can create the almost tangible bubble of comfort, safety, and emotional agreement that surrounds this pose. Some theorize that it requires thighs of similar lengths, others claim it takes two outsized hearts to generate even a passable Spoons. But almost everyone agrees that a bona fide Classic Spoons is a clear sign of a pair that is well balanced and complementarily scented.

Comfort Zone: Classic Spoons is a Sun Sleeper pose. Other Sun poses to explore include The Seatbelt and The Heimlich.

Health Note: Your unusually low blood pressure may prevent you from giving blood or joining some small armies.

(A tip of the cap to Jennifer.)


Lisa W. said...

I guess I'm a toboggan! I thought I was a "spoon" person, but actually, the way they describe Toboggan is more accurate! weird!

Harvey said...