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I don't know about your parents, but I know that mine would have been all over my sibs and I if we ever even thought about pulling a stunt like that -- and it wouldn't have been pretty.

Where are the parents of these children, anyway?

(A tip of the cap to Joanne Jacobs.)

I'm trying to convince myself that some pointy-headed bean counter decided that shutting down Fran O'Brien's Steak House made good financial sense, and that the decision was made at a sub-sublevel of the management hierarchy without approval from above. Go read the whole story here, and be prepared for the top of your head to explode.

The Hilton "Family"? Hilton "HHonors"? The Hiltons are in the hospitality industry, fer chrissakes! Wouldn't you think they'd know this is the worst sort of publicity they could hope for? I guess not, though.

Here's my letter to daniel_a_boyle@hilton.com:

Dear Mr. Boyle --
I make a lot of hotel reservations for my employers' business travel, frequently using Hilton Hotels. After reading the story of the closing of Fran O'Brien's Steak House in the Capital Hilton in Washington, DC, I will no longer be making reservations for them, or myself, at any Hilton hotel. I am also spreading the word of Hilton's bad faith within my company and on my personal weblog.
This is the clumsiest example of poor judgment and miserable hospitality I can have ever seen. That entrance should have been made handicapped accessible years ago -- because it is the right thing to do. Using wounded soldiers as a liability excuse is beyond the pale.
I'd like to believe that this was strictly a financial decision and done without running the idea past Hilton's public relations and marketing personnel, first. I'd also like to believe that it is a reversible decision.
Until you can assure me that Fran O'Brien's place in the Capital Hilton will remain unchanged, shame on Hilton Corporation.
Leslie Spiller

Call, write or fax your own displeasure, will you?


Shep said...

I watched Paris and her buddy yawn their way through another episode showcasing their stunning ignorance and lack of ability to accomplish anything beyond spending money. Occasionally, Paris would announce what she likes and doesn't like, as though everyone was hanging on that bit of information. She has evidently inherited the family genes.
PS-Stunning cleavage...yours not hers...she has none.

Moogie said...

The parents gave the cell phones to the kids to use. It's simple really. What does a kid need a cell phone for?

Maeve said...

Most parents expect everyone else to raise their kids.
I see it all the time, I work in a high school.
We've never had this problem with the cell phones in my class.
Our kids KNOW better than to f*ck with me OR the teacher.

Contagion said...

I haven't been a fan of Hilton and Hilton run hotels for a while, especially after my last trip to Texas. This really makes it difficult for me to want to give them a second chance. Actually to quote my boy, "I can't want to give them a second chance."

Anonymous said...

Hilton - The World's Dumbest P.R. Department