Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Excursions -- Austin, TX

I'm getting excited, people.

The blown-eyed blodgmeet is only a few days away... and Shoe has drafted the blown-eyes to write a theme song. Egads! A couple of margaritas under our belts and we'll be singing that song on the streets of Austin. Eeyore's party. Guns and ammo. Granola-eating hippies. And tipsy blown-eyed blodgers singing about nipple rings.

Sheesh. We're going to make my doppleganger seem tame.

Yep. We'll be doing our part to Keep Austin Weird.

I can hardly wait.

Reminder to self: You are not 21 any more, remember? Pace yourself.

Reminder to self: Pack a lampshade. And aspirin.

Memo to Livey: How could you possibly be nervous about any of this???


Richmond said...

Oh, you guys are going to have so much fun! I'll be toasting you from here, unfortunately...

Anonymous said...

... ibuprofen and tequila.... and coffee....

Elisson said...

Lampshade. Check.

Aspirin. Check.

Colander. Check...

shoe said...

hell yeah, elisson is bringing the colander!!

woot, i am so excited. i have no idea how i'll make it to thursday. i'm ready right now.

tell buckaroo he will be missed. can't wait to see you leslie!!

Maeve said...

Drink LOTS of water before going to bed. The asprin wil help and if there is any way, get an ice pack too, to put on your head.
That is what works for me.
Oh yeah, eat lots of carbs, helps soak up the liqour.

Dana said...

God, I will miss hanging with you all. BUT I am going to a concert, so I won't be too bummed. ;)

Hey, there's always next time, right??

Lisa W. said...

I'm jealous - sounds like you guys are going to have a ball!

Dash said...

Looking forward to it - nipple rings and all.

Christina said...

Looking forward to meeting you, lady!!

; )

Livey said...

Cuz I'm socially retarded? And these people seem so... weird!
But I am looking forward to meeting you!
Don't worry, I don't drink, so I'll take care of you ;)