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Yes, I've been a bad blogger. But I've also been a busy girl. I'll try harder, m'kay?

For a dear friend, Moonbeam McQueen's post here should speak straight to your heart. 2011 will be a good year for you, too.

Photography and friendship -- no wonder I loved this story!
During his trip, Bieber took his own pictures. He took a few final shots with Roche and one of her brothers, and then they put the film canister outside the Café des Deux Moulins in Montmartre, the restaurant where Amelie works in the movie.

In the canister, they left a note that read, "It happened once, it can happen again. If you find me, I can buy you coffee and we'll become friends. It's the beginning of an adventure."

I love DSL, but you'll never find that creating this kind of story... unless the whole camera is lost and then found.


Got an idea for a gadget, but no money to manufacture? Try this Quirky idea.

Given that parts and cars out of Japan are going to be scarce for a good long time, it seems pretty stupid to have the tax paying public fund discounts for GM cars once again. Ford has managed to not only survive, but to thrive on its own. It's time for GM to do the same.

Given that I found my own St. Paddy's Day hat, filled with Popeye's chicken nuggets, in the refrigerator it makes absolute sense to me to look for the remote in the freezer. (And, no -- don't ask.)

Yes, I'm loving food trucks here in Chicago, but I find the idea of A Game of Thrones food truck more than a bit odd, even if Tom Colicchio is behind the menu.

More info on the food truck here and here. HBO really has gone nuts on promoting this series, as evidenced by the themed store it's opened in Manhattan.

Fantasy fiction lovers are the new cool. Who knew?

(A tip of the cap to Ray at Finish the Book, George.)

Speaking of AGOT, 1600 pages into the next manuscript and it's still not done and turned in??? George'll never make the July deadline... but I've been saying that all along.

DWTS -- I'm pretty sure the DJ is outta here tonight. Who do you think will be voted off?

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Alicia said...

agreed...and you were right! Ps- Chris Jericho was SO AWESOME! he just needs to not talk :)