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This is an old clip from the Spike O'Dell show on WGN Radio of Gavin Coyle singing "Danny Boy."

I heard Gavin do this for the first time this morning on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning show, and just had to share it with you. Gorgeous!

Whoohoo! They finally opened the Merchandise Mart to the general public! Get all the details on how to get in and how to get around here.

I'll be wandering that place over and over and over again, as there are a gazillion showrooms there.

Go read this to understand why I'm so disappointed a trip to Ireland is not in my budget again this year.
Our crock of gold may have turned out to be a crock of s--t, but the very essence of our country — the beauty of our landscape, the richness of our history, the friendliness of our people — will never disappear. That landscape can’t be sold, our traditions and our history are eternal, our hospitality is an unwavering fact.
The land is magical and its people the warmest and most welcoming of anywhere I've ever been.

Once again, Ms. Althouse nails it.

If this is true, then I'll live a very long time and retain my marbles!

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