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Quote of the Day:
By way of summary, President Obama has developed a doctrinal approach to international affairs that differs not only from that of his immediate predecessor, but from any doctrine ever embraced by any major power. He eschews the notion of national interest, pays undue deference to international actors who may or may not mean us well, and deploys American troops without clear objectives or lines of command.

In short, he has delivered precisely the foreign policy that he promised to deliver. [Emphasis mine]
Go read the whole fascinating piece here.

We're funding the Beeb?
Apparently so:Not only will your tax dollars fund NPR, now they’ll fund the BBC.
That's just... swell.

30 things we need and 30 things we don't. Beautiful!

While not much news from the Middle East is amusing these days, I am finding humor in the fact that no one seems to agree on the correct spelling of a certain Libyan leader's first or last name in English. I'd turn it into a drinking game -- you drink every time you spot a different spelling -- but I'd be passed out on the floor before I could get through the evening news or the headlines on the Drudge Report.

Les Moonves is a douchebag.

Here's another quote that I just loved:
These kids are bypassing all the tricky stuff. It's like teaching a young man to hunt by having him hold an arrow and then throwing the deer at his hand.
Too funny!

Here's my early prediction for DWTS -- Kirstie Alley, Ralph Macchio and Chelsea Kane will be the final three.

Ear Worm of the Day:

This was my nephew's favorite song as a little boy. It's been stuck in my head for two days now.


Alicia said...

if Kyle Massey can make it to the finals, Chelsea can! But I don't think she's famous enough.

Kirstie shocked the S*it out of me! I'm totally rooting for her! I also liked Kendra :)

Harper said...

Glad you posted the original version of Fat Bottomed Girls - the Glee version is in heavy rotation and driving me crazy.

Omnibus Driver said...

Alicia --

Chelsea may be unknown now, but I'm betting she'll pick up a big following fast. She's got an adorable personality AND she has beautiful lines and is light on her feet. What's not to love? (And I didn't know who she was before this.)

Harper --

I had no clue Glee had done this song. The original is now officially the Ear Worm of the WEEK. Urk.