Leslie's Omnibus


Update: We have a winner! Mexicanne and The Meezers gave her a real run for the money, but I saw Cordovan in a whole new light in her entry... and laughed my butt off. Congratulations, my friend!

As for the rest of you who entered, keep an eye peeled towards this blog. CSN likes me, and I'll probably be doing another give-away in a few months.

Thanks for playing!

Those crafty folks at CSN Stores want me to do something unobtrusive for my next give-away, but I'd already spilled the beans to you all before they made that particular request so...

Here's what I need you to do: Go noodle around in their stores, especially taking note of the lovely recessed lighting they have available. Pick one item (any item) and drop me a comment containing a link to that product and why you find it illuminating.

The most creative answer wins a $75 gift certificate good at any of CSN's online stores.

You've got until Friday at 5:00 p.m. to enter.

Good luck!

(And I'll be sneakier about how I do this the next time CSN Stores offers up one of these fantastic dealios!)

P.S. -- Winner of last contest Sandy says,
Easy, painless experience. Merchandise exactly as advertised, delivered to my home quickly. I actually comparison price shopped and their price was quite good. I'm quite happy with the crate - nice quality. Thanks again.

They are the real deal. There are one or two caveats. They apply the gift certificate as a coupon, so no other coupons are applicable. In addition, they will not price match if you are using the gift certificate. (For example, I'd been looking at the wicker and metal crate combo; their price was about 35% higher than competition, but they would EITHER price match OR allow use of certificate - not both.)

I wouldn't hesitate [to use them again].
There ya go!

P.P.S. -- I get zip, zero, zilch, nada for doing this. I just love being able to give stuff away!


The Knapps said...

I'd use it to get my cats a new cat tree:



danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

MoodyMama said...


I don't know about illuminating, but this lamp is freaking awesome!

Lynda Del. said...

This reminds me of woodshop where we made a wooden lamp and transformed a plain lampshade however we wanted. Some students actually did shred theirs and it looked funky similar to this lamp lighting shown here.

And I remembered how cool it looked illuminated. I am just intrigued how something that looks inexpensive as this piece has a pricey price tag. Hmm...Now I'm feeling crafty :)

lyndadawinda1074 at yahoo dot com

The Meezers or Billy said...

this http://www.csnlighting.com/American-Lighting-LLC-12-LED-MDF-12V-AM-ALI2157.html is so awessomely awesome!! It would make the mom CRAZY because we'd be playing with it all night!

Mexicanne said...

Sweetie Petey would love to have a Bocce set to play on the beach. Then we could invite everyone over to play with his balls. LOL

Cordovan said...

OMG Leslie! Have you seen this??

I would SO get that wine rack- it's metal and looks like wood....so I wouldn't have to run outside at the full moon to dance nekkid around a tree; I could open the curtains and stay in the comfort of my kitchen!
PLUS- It's an activity that Grau and I could do together...once we drank all the wine (of course).