Leslie's Omnibus


I'll bet I know somebody who'd like one of these for his collection of all things piratical!


This gave me the giggles. And yes -- I can drive a stick, thank you.

Ah! So it's not about the safety. It's all about the money.

This is Chicago... and it should come as no surprise.

Thanks to Jay Solo and our discussion of the Chinese zodiac Blogthing, I stumbled across this gem of a description of those of us born in the Year of the Dog:
"Because they genuinely feel they know best, they can sometimes appear bossy." (Emphasis mine.)

It had to have been written by someone born in the Year of the Dog. Of course we're not bossy. It only appears that way.

(And, man, does the truth hurt.)


vicki said...

I think I'm year of the tiger. Anyway, I'm stuck back at your memememememe- that was good! I learned a lot about you, esp. the whole (amazing, wonderful) story about your status as a parent of sorts. Tracing back that piece of history was, ah, well I got all weepy. Nice going, Leslie.

I'm considering Ogfest- I'm just SO anti-social...I'll try drink therapy first.

And I like Corner Bakery. It's so close to the lump doctor and all.

Nancy said...


'Pup got a job!

Harvey said...

Now I'm even happier that I drive a stick.

Just gotta remember not to leave the keys in it while you're around :-)

El Capitan said...

I'm just curious as to where Mr. 'Taterhead's parrot attaches?