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Want another good reason to boycott Chinese imports of any kind?


Go feast your eyes on this.


This would be very helpful in my boycott of all things Chinese, indeed:
Amid concerns about the safety of pet food ingredients and catfish from China, consumers and even a few members of Congress are wondering why there isn't a law that requires merchants to label where food comes from.

The short answer: There is. And there has been since 2002.

The more complicated answer is that what Congress passes, Congress can take away. The requirement for "country-of-origin labeling"—or COOL, as Washington knows it—for food products was postponed a year after its adoption, due to heavy lobbying from food groups saying the law was unnecessary and expensive.
Who needs new laws when just enforcing the ones we have would be so helpful?

(A tip of the cap to Elizabeth, who from a long, long way away steered me to an article in my own local paper. Who'd a thunk it?)

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