Leslie's Omnibus


The Confabulator wants his car to have a cool name, so he's holding a name-that-car contest.

My vote?

Based on the description of his vehicle, I think it should be named Maxine.

Appropriate, don't you think?

Here we go again. And again I ask -- why are we still allowing Chinese products to be imported into our country?

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da Pup : Richie said...

The other question to ask ourselves is why we don't pay closer attention to where what we buy is made? And when we do look at the package, just after we spot the low price, why we still choose to buy the product anyways. We complain about losing American jobs, yet we fund foreign companies. There needs to be a greater Grassroots effort to Buy American whenever possible - even if it means stretching our personal budgets.
When you go to the store and find a great price on a product, check to see where it is made. If it is beyond our shores, shop around the area (close to the shelf you saw that great price) and see if there is any other product MADE HERE! Don't go by the company name alone, because many of what used to be American Made Products/Companies now use factories "Over There".