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My favorite of all the side bennies of blogging is getting to know some of the bloggers I read frequently.

That's why I'm so excited to be going to see my Blown-Eyed Blodger buddies again in May.

That's also why I'm deee-lighted to hear that Ogmeet 2007 is in the works for July.

And that's why I'm doubly delighted that I got to catch up with one of the bloggers I briefly met, but didn't get a chance to talk with at the Schiznitzes at Fritz's -- one Ms. Teresa of Technicalities fame.

She had dropped a post that she was coming to Chicago in February, so I immediately emailed her back to see if she'd have time for a drink or the like. Her schedule was pretty tight, and flying out of Boston and into Chicago at this time of year makes scheduling anything for that same day just doesn't make good sense.

I had almost forgotten completely about that exchange of emails, as it hadn't sounded possible.

Surprise! I got a phone call from Teresa late in the afternoon yesterday, I immediately scrapped my other evening plans, and got on the train for home.

Teresa met me at one of our local Italian eateries, and we spent two solid hours covering just about every topic on the planet. Kids. Marriages (or, in my case, lack thereof). Blogging friends we have in common. Bloggers that she's met and I'd like to. Bloggers that I've met and she'd like to. Jobs. Bosses. Stuff.

I'd just like to say here and now that I wish I'd met her before she moved from Chicagoland to Beantown. I totally understand why everyone thinks she's wonderful.

I'm telling you right now -- if you have the chance to go to a blogmeet, GO! You'll meet some terrific friends that way.

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Teresa said...

I'm sooooo late getting over here. I never got to any blogs at all the rest of my weekend! (a nearly unheard of thing for me!)

I had such a good time - I'm so very glad we were able to get together!