Leslie's Omnibus

Road Conditions

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Yesterday I had no heat and frozen pipes to contend with, due to -25 degrees (with wind chill) Sunday evening.

Today it's -10 degrees and snowing like crazy. Yuck.

I hope you've got a warm and comfy place to burrow, wherever you happen to be!


Teresa said...

Stay warm Leslie! We have cold weather here in the Northeast, but not quite up to the midwest standards. I wouldn't like to be outside working right now though.

Sorry about the pipes... that sucks pond water.

Maeve said...

Damn, that sucks.
Hate to tell you, but for the past two days I've been wearing shorts & tank tops.

The Wizard said...

I'll be sittin' in the 102 degree Hot Tub later....still, I gotta go outdoors to do that and at the balmy outdoor temp of 6 degrees (currently)this 'ol boy can still hustle. One has to be careful not to fall in the snow though....esp when the swimsuit is optional.

(O-ooops, sorry about that vision in your head)

Lisa W. said...

I'm there with ya baby but my house is nice & cosy...hope you're warmer now.

Richmond said...

Ahhh yes. Burrow. *That's* what we should be living in... (much warmer). ;-)