Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Excursions -- Austin, TX

Whoohoo! Looks like the Blown-eyes are circling the wagons to meet in Austin once again.

I hope those dates are firm, because round trip airfare from Chicago is less than $250 right now. As soon as I get confirmation, I'm booking my ticket.

So... are you coming, too? You should, you know.

Yay! Now I can get some boots to go with my hat!

Chou says that it's actually San Antonio. No problemo. More flights, and it's cheaper. Under $200 even. That leaves more to spend on boots...


shoe said...


but it's not Austin, really, we were thinking San Antonio or nearby. Check those flights. Not as many directs as Austin, I don't think.

Maeve said...

You can never have enough boots. Or shoes!

Nancy said...

Not to worry Leslie.......I believe there might be a western wear shop or two in San Antone too.....

plus: EL MERCADO!!!!

and the Riverwalk!!

And I'll have my Scooter!!!

Now, how can we get one for Wallrilla too? 'Cause I need me someone to race and scatter the tourists.....