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Tootin' the Horn


Someone in Dekalb needs to email me. There's a Potbelly's gift certificate in it for you!

I'll never know how many actual hits I've had, as I didn't even install the site meter until I'd been blogging for over a year... but... 20,000. That's a lot of hits.

Each and every one of you who has dropped by have been and continue to be greatly appreciated!

Sun of a gun! Another dear blogging friend is celebrating a big mile marker. Go send him warm farookin' wishes.

Click here and find even more things to celebrate today!


Lisa W. said...

Congrats on hitting the 20,000 mark Leslie! I hit it not that long ago myself, now to wait for the big 25,000!!!

Livey said...

Congrats hun! (the link didn't work for me) Keep on blogging sweetie. Love ya!

Harvey said...

Potbelly's is GOOD stuff :-)

ragingmom said...

A little late, but I THINK that may have been me.

Omnibus Driver said...

Raging Mom --

Email your address to me, and I'll forward a Potbelly's gift certificate to you as soon as I get back from my trip (10 day cruise, starting this Sunday). Yeah for you and Yeah for me!