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Makin' A List

I've been working on my Christmas list. In my stroll around the internet, I've run across a few unusual items that remind me of a couple of my pals.

For Dax, who bug blogs on a regular basis:

For Contagion and T1G, who beer blog from time to time:

For Yabu, who knows the true meaning of bad, bad juju:

For Mr. Debonnaire Hizzownself, I just couldn't choose between this:

And this:

The choice is a difficult one, no?

For Og. He knows why!

And for Livey, who crap blogs from the North Woods:

For JimmyB and Grau, because I love their sense of humor:
And for Velocidude:

I imagine we'll be hearing "wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" a lot at the next Jawja Blodgemeet.

Gotta get back to my shopping...


And wouldn't you know it? I found the perfect gift for Vicky's daughter.

Much better than a radiator!

Back to shopping...

1 comment:

Livey said...

Aww you are so sweet! My blog daddy would be proud!