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The End of the Line

I hate it when I lose a friend. I really do.

Sheila Brodsky was one hell of a gal. Rape survivor. Not victim. Survivor. Married to the cop who caught the case, the perp and Sheila's heart. Funny, feisty and highly respected, she was always happiest when surrounded by friends, and sipping a tasty scotch and water.

She left this world in J.J.'s arms. That's the only thing that's fair about her death at all.

Her whiskey voice, big-ass grin and sparkling eyes will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

My thoughts and prayers go out to J.J. and the rest of the family.

(And she probably would have gotten a huge kick out of the fact that the ad above her obit contains dancing cowboys. Seriously. Hold your cursor over that ad and those cowboys boogie. Delicious irony. Sheila always loved a guy in a cowboy hat!)

Update: The ads change every time you click on that Tribune link. If you happen to spot the boring mortgage ad with guys in silhouette from the waist up, wearing cowboy hats, that's the ad. Sorry.


Lisa W. said...

The cowboys were switched to a boring mortgage ad...I'm sorry about your friend.

Omnibus Driver said...

The boring mortgage ad is the one I'm talking about. Just run your cursor over the ad and see what happens.

Thanks for the kind words. Cancer sucks, and nobody knows that better than I.

Richmond said...

My condolences. Cancer does truly suck.

LadyGunn said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. You & her family are in my prayers.

Cancer does indeed suck...

Lisa Marie said...

Hi Leslie. My name is Lisa. I'm Sheila's daughter. I google Mom's name every now and then, wondering what things were written about her. I'm still haunted by her death. Thank you for your kind words in your blog. I miss her every millisecond, still.

Stepmomof3 said...

Leslie, tomorrow is Sheila's birthday and I still google my mom sometimes. Your blog pops up and I'm still curious as to how you knew her. I'd love to get in touch with you sometime.
- Lisa

Omnibabe said...

Lisa --

I knew Sheila from her friends at ABN and the bar at Emil's. I know folks who would love to talk to you about your lovely mother. She and JJ were truly a love story, and I was very honored to know her, if only for a short time. You can reach me by email at omnibus dot driver at gmail dot come.