Leslie's Omnibus


I have but one thing to say about this: Ick.

The Princess Mom called me today to check and see if I had gotten the travel packet for our upcoming cruise yet.

Nope. I haven't received a thing.

Well, she said, that's odd. I've had my information packet for a couple of weeks already.

(Let's just say she was ready to hold a Southern Baptist tent revival-sized Come-to-Jesus meeting with her travel agent later today.)

Hmmm. At that moment I had a brainwave and asked her what address she had given the poor schmo.

Well, ____________________ Ave., Chicago. Why?

Ummm, Mom? I haven't lived at that address or in that city for well over a year. Helloooooo??? We spent how many weekends furniture shopping for a new apartment in what city this summer?

I swear she sounded just like Emily Litella: Oh. Never mind.

(And, no -- it's not old timer's disease. She's always been like this.)

Karma. Ain't it a beautiful thing when it works?


Lisa W. said...

I must say that's the first time I've heard of the whole is necrophilia really beastiality debate. Thanks for that. ;)

LadyGunn said...

Ick is right & the karma thing - perfect.

Oh joy - the karma idiot is from 20 miles down the road. Ya, we got lotsa smart ones 'round here...

Maeve said...

And with any luck he will not be able to sire any more idiots.

LadyGunn said...

Heh - we can only hope...