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Roadside Diversions

The Carnival of the Cats is up and was so big it had to be done in one, two, three parts at Pages Turned. Go visit!

The Carnival of the Recipes is up at Pajama Pundits.

And now, a meandering meme swiped from my BlogMama:

Go to Google Image Search and type in the city and state/province of the town where you grew up, no quotation marks. Then select the picture you like best from the first page of results and post it on your blog. Here's mine:

Next do the same with the town where you currently reside. My result:

Next your name, first and last, but no quotes. My result:

Next your grandmother's name. My result:

Next your favorite food. My result:

Next your favorite drink. My result:

Next your favorite smell. My result:

Lastly, your favorite song. My result:

I'm not tagging anyone in particular with this, but... I gotta tell you, this was FUN! Just try it. (Even if you don't blog.)


Christine said...

What the heck is that last one all about? Pie...pie... Sugar Pie Honeybunch?? I am stumped! :)

Omnibus Driver said...

Shoofly Pie... and Apple Pandowdy. It's an old Dinah Shore swing song that always gets my toes tapping.