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"I believe it is my responsibility to discipline my children and teach them to have good manners and be respectful," wrote Alison Miller, who was quoted defiantly in the New York Times and said she has since received numerous threats and insults.
Lady, you are absolutely correct. However, it's my right to have the peaceful dining experience I'm paying for by you and yours being ejected when you don't do either of those things. Let children earn the right to enjoy more adult entertainment only when they can demonstrate both discipline and manners at home, first. Don't do it on my time.


Nancy V. said...

Maybe I'm just getting old, but my tolerance for other people's children is at an all time low (so far). When my brother and I were kids, my parents would take us out to dinner at a nice restaurant nearly every Sunday. They taught us how to behave and I don't remember feeling abused. What's so wrong about those parents telling their children to sit down and be quiet. (God forbid you should ask your child to "shut up.")

Contagion said...

This is exactly why my wife and I don't take Clone, our two year old, to restaurants unless we have to.

I know when I'm in a nice restaurant, not McDonalds or Denny's, I don't expect my meal to be interupted by screaming kids, or the kid behind me jumping around or even, as once hapened to me, the kid in the booth behind me dumping pop on me.

If you can't control your kids, don't take them out. If they are "too Young" to understand, definately don't take them out.