Leslie's Omnibus


Huh. I guess this means I should finally stash my sandals for the season and put some real shoes on.

Well, poop. I hate shoes.

(Whatever you do, don't pass this info on to Buckaroo Bonsai. He's already read some article that says you get less colds and flu if you keep your nose warm. And he's always after me to put a hat on. I hate hats even more than I hate shoes. If BB reads this, I'll end up swaddled from head to toe, commuting in hip waders and a burka this winter. Stylish. Very stylish.)

Okay, guys. I can't top this. Go ahead and love Heather more than you love me.


I'll understand.

Really, I will.

Forty seconds really flies by fast.

(A tip of the cap to Nancy V.)

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Contagion said...

Hey now, I don't even know this Heather person... Plus my wife says I'm not allowed to love other women.