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I've created a Jawja Blodgers map over at Frappr!. Be sure all you Blown-Eyed Blodgers stop by and add yourselves.

(A tip of the cap to Barry Campbell.)

Update: Well, I'll be dipped! At least one of my regular readers wants to play, too. Okay. If you're not a Jawja Blodger but want to stand and be counted, add yourself to the Omnibus Tour map here.

Update II: I'm moving this up to the top for a while. If you haven't already put yourself on the map, please do!

Update III: What's a Jawja Blodger? Anyone who's been to a blogmeet with the "Southeast Writers Conference." Or anyone who blogs from the great state of Georgia.


Mathilde said...

I can't add. Maybe the map needs another browser and hate Opera? Or maybe it just doesn't like my country?

Omnibus Driver said...

Where are you from? Maybe I can add you from this end. If you want to add a picture, email it to me at omnibus-dot-driver-at-gmail-dot-com.

Omnibus Driver said...

Mathilde --

I went and checked. You're there. I just zoomed out a bit so you could see more of the world than just North America.

Catfish said...

I read you everyday, keep it up and no, I am not there, Cat

Contagion said...

Are you trying to track us down? Are you going to use this map as a device to try to conqure the world? Eh... does it really matter... everyone knows where I'm from anyways.

Jim - PRS said...

Love it. I'll add my name shortly.

Dana said...

Count me in!

Blonde Justice said...

what's a jawja blodger?

zonker said...

I'll get off my lazy butt and add my name. Really, I will.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving!!