Leslie's Omnibus


Buckaroo Bonsai and I rented Schultze Gets the Blues from our local Blockbuster last night.

(Pay no attention to the IMDB plot line description. It sucks. Instead, scroll down for Tom Hutton's review. It's spot-on.)

Don't be put off by the subtitles. There's so little dialogue, it doesn't much matter. Beautifully filmed and beautifully acted. Subtle, gentle humor throughout.

This is one movie that we'd like to see again -- maybe with Ellison and SWMBO.

I know what's going on Eric's Christmas list this year.... Hmmm. He'd better be mighty nice to the Missus.


Anonymous said...

.. that's one expensive bottle of booze... best I've had was a 1968 from Blackfive... but still, I'd like to try it... maybe I could afford a medicine dropper full...

Elisson said...

Gentle humor? No feces-flinging Barbary apes?

Aw, SWMBO and I would go see it with you anyway.