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Whoohoo! We can finally do a new Carnival of the Khakis! Seems there's new life in Sandy Berger's pants (scary thought, isn't it?):

Chris Muir checks in here.

Spoons weighs in here and points to the Confederate Yankee there, as well.

The Instapundit comments and links here and here.

Lime Shurbet snarks here.

It's a Pundit points to relevant lyrics there.

Raging_Dave is, well, raging about it here. "Fuck 'em all. Nuke D.C. now."

Jim notes that it's "Just a little Washington 'oopsie,' I suppose."

Conspiracy Dude provides the headline of the day.

Steve illustrates the point.

Juliette says, "Honest mistake, my behind. A good judge would throw the book at Berger for insulting his/her intelligence. But he’ll probably get slapped on the wrists."

C.D. Harris says he's Getting Off Light, and proceeds to show you just how light.

The Cracker Barrel Philospher cracks wise.

John Cole rounds up the history and coverage here. (But he missed this historical gem.)

Kevin notes, "...Berger will have his clearance back right in the midst of primary season in 2008."

LaShawn says, "I told you so."

All I have to say is, if he's gonna get a spanking, he's proven he knows how to stuff his pants to take the sting out of the swing.

Carnival of the Recipes is up here. It's loaded with wonderful stuff. Just go there.

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zonker said...

Carnival of the Khakis, huh? Gee, didn't that get brought up just last week? ;-) Haha!