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Quote of the Day:
Then he does it. He stops right in front of me and to my horror he pulls up his gown as he yells, "AND WHEN ARE THEY GONNA COME AND FIX THIS! THIS SHIT IS GONNA FALL OFF!"
Who says med blogs are boring?

2007 Darwin Award candidate No. 1 found here. (via J-Walk)

2007 Darwin Award candidate No. 2 found here. Karma is a beautiful thing to behold.

Future Darwin Award candidate? (And you thought texting and driving was distracting enough!)

I don't know why, but this article gives me the giggles.

Best title for a short story: "Porn and Donuts"


Joan of Argghh! said...

Dear lord, I had to post about that cat-door thing, too!

I gotta move...

Anonymous said...

Cricket takes pink balls?

At least they aren't wrinkled and hairy.


Rosie said...

That priapism post had me in stitches! You just can't make stuff like that up.

Thanks for the mention for Porn and Donuts...I'm 3000 words in and still haven't gotten to the point of the title. There is a point. Folks who want to follow the story need to sign up with EditRed and become one of my readers. My stuff keeps getting stolen by splogs so I'm having to restrict access.