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Via John Walkenbach, I found the Color Sense Game.

Here's my primary color palatte:

In Italy, al fresco means "in the open air." Dining al fresco conjures up images of a splendid dinner with friends on a lush terrace, where nature's green brushstroke has painted every view.

The Al fresco Harmony Collection™ introduces welcoming and rejuvenating color harmonies inspired by nature's palette. It's a weekend in the countryside, the smell of freshly cut grass, or fresh basil growing on your kitchen windowsill. A friendly color, green symbolizes renewal and embodies our thoughts of springtime. It is the essence of your garden, luminous when the sun glimmers through after rain. The greens of Al fresco are inviting; they comfort, soothe, and restore. A simple solution for creating a peaceful retreat in any room, greens are especially good for serene bedrooms and living rooms where they promote tranquility and the sharing of confidences. If you are attracted to Al fresco, you are ready to bask in its healing palettes... where green is the color of relaxation.

And here's my secondary palette:

The palettes of Leather, Stone & Wood will balance hectic lives with a sense of strength, comfort, and security. It is a simple return at the end of each day to earth's precious gifts.

Wear-polished pebbles from last summer's beach stroll, a branch of silvery driftwood, a handful of golden sand, or the imprints of children etched into the time-honored leather of your grandfather's beloved chair. The classic and discriminating tones of the Leather, Stone & Wood Harmony Collection™ recapture the essence of earthen objects in tactile palettes destined to create restful backdrops for living.

These harmonies are particularly well-suited to open concept living where we rely on shade and nuance to divide space, or to enhance sophisticated interiors as the perfect partner for dark wood trims, leather furniture, and a library feel.

Pretty damned cool, huh? What's your best color palette?


pamibe said...

It was very interesting to take!

Mine came up Leather, Stone & Wood, with Al Fresco second. :)

Nancy said...

huh. I matched you too.

Knew there was something I liked about you!