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Hey, Erica! I think you should enter this contest next year. You'd stand a good shot at making the top 10, at least!

Pay Attention: This next link is not for the weak of stomach. Really.

The mind simply boggles at this. That is quite possibly the grossest thing I've ever read.

Uck. My tummy is still roiling.

For all my male bloggity buds, the Quote of the Day:
Bad winter expected for tits in UK
Sorry. Just couldn't resist.

There are some crimes for which the only penalty would be for the perpetrator to have the same thing done to them as they have done to their victim. Nothing else comes close in this case.

Yes, the Gov managed to pull another rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul rabbit out from under his wig. That buys us until the end of December before panic sets in again. What's wrong with these people?


Erica said...

That Alabama IT guy's cubicle pales -- by a long shot -- in comparison to our office's tidal waves of fecal matter, which usually comes whooshing into the room, under the wall, without a moment's notice. Pathetic. Thanks for thinking of me.


Julie said...

"Jenkem", oh, those crazy kids! What will they think of next?