Leslie's Omnibus


Holy moley! I went from Flappy Birdhood to Large Mammal-ness in 24 hours.

(I'll enjoy it for the 30 seconds it lasts. Geeze. All I had really aspired to was to get back to being an Adorable Rodent again.)

Update: I was right about that 30 seconds. Less than 12 hours later I embraced Wiggly Wormness. Sheesh.

Update 2: It looks like there's a schism in the Ecosystem. All the inbound links appear to have gone kaflooey.


Erica said...

Girl, I went from being a flappy boid to being a microcellular micro-oganissm, or some shit. The ego takes a hit.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Yeah, NZBear's been punk'd cuz I'm now an adorable rodent. Ha!

Livey said...

I'm a lowly loser :(

Maeve said...

I was an adorable rodent for a few days.
Now I'm just a worm.