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The Divine Miss Marilyn says she's not coming out from under the covers until it's at least 60 degrees outside. At the rate we're going in Chicago, we won't see her until mid-May. Sigh.

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The Carnival of the Cats will be hosted at Nina's Books 4 Israel Project this Sunday evening.

Can't wait till then? Go visit this week's Carnival at Bad Kitty Cats.

That's not enough?

How about Weekend Cat Blogging at A Byootaful Life and the Cat Blogosphere?

There's more news on the recent pet food recall that sets out numbers of pets dead that is simply appalling, both here and here.

Makes me glad that I feed only the best for the Divine Miss Marilyn.


Maeve said...

OMG! Look at that sweet kitty face!!!

sher said...

That's such a darling face! I used to live in Illinois and I well know how cold it can be in Chicago. That wind can cut to the bone. But, it's a great city!