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The Road to the White House

The Instapundit wonders why Hillary Clinton seems to be steadily sliding in the polls.

There are a couple of reasons that are readily apparent to me:
  1. She's got a voice like nails on a blackboard. I'm talking speaking voice, not politics. Someone should have hired a vocal coach for her long ago.
  2. She projects a sense of her own moral and intellectual superiority. No one likes to be spoken down to. Nobody.
  3. She projects a sense that she knows what's best for me as an individual, and that I'm too stupid to have the right to make my own choices. You are not the boss of me, lady.
  4. She's simply not warm and fuzzy.
  5. So far, her platform has been about everyone else's negatives, not about her own positives. Does anybody really know what she stands for?
It's no wonder Obama is doing so well at the moment, despite the fact that he really doesn't have the depth of experience that I'd like to see, and despite the fact that he's made a few missteps.

It's easier to forgive Mr. Nice than it is to forgive Miss Superiority 2007.

As for me, the candidates I'd most like to see are Bill Richardson on the Democratic side and Fred Thompson on the Republican side. Now that would be a horse race!


The Meezers said...

living in NY state where she one of our senators, I can tell you that Hillary has actually done alot to help the standard of living in western NY. My parents have had several very positive personal interactions with her in their quest for lower cost drugs for Sr citizens (they are both over 70) and find her very friendly and warm and she has never talked down to them at all. Unlike several of our state assemblymen. And congressmen from NY.
Meezer Mom Mary

Omnibus Driver said...

I'm sure you're correct, Mary, but the problem is one of perception. I fear Hillary has the Al Gore curse -- a keen mind and a warmth that shows in one on one meetings, but fails to translate on a large scale or on the media.

Really, she should get some voice coaching, both for inflection and for speech delivery.

The Meezers said...

Perception is everything Leslie - and mostly people just don't like her because smart women scare most people (and by people I mean men). and it's a shame too - because I think overall a woman (maybe not Hillary) could do a much better job at being president. I can't remark on her voice, because honestly, I refuse to listen to most politicians - I can't listen to the without wanting to throw up in my mouth at hearing their BS. The last politician I actually cared about was Joe Liberman when I was living in Connecticut - I worked on his first campaign for the Senate. He's a smart man, but watching him the last few years I have to wonder what the heck happened to him.
- Mary