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For some reason, the bukket series, especially the walrus photos, cracks me up more than any of the other very funny stuff over at I Can Has Cheezburger?

Poppy channels the bucket/bukket series here. Heh.

More Fun Quizzes at QuizPox.com

That's an oxymoron, right?

(A tip of the cap to Kellie!)

Hey, Harvey! I got your 17 chinchillas right here:


Quote of the Day:
It's the chastity belt of the 21st century.
(A tip of the cap to my BlogMama for the pointer.)


Harvey said...

I'll be right over to pick 'em up :-)

Anonymous said...

... you know, that Walrus may be cool and all that, but I don't imagine that I'd ever want my goolies that close to that giant varmint's mouth....

... I mean, goodness!... that thing could bite him right in two!...

... ok, I'm leaving now...