Leslie's Omnibus


Julie thought this was a little strange?

I'm sorry. I think that not only was it a lot strange, it was also incredibly ballsy.

I can't imagine ever offering to breastfeed your friend's kid, let alone whipping out a boob and just doing it, but...

JEEZE LOUISE, lady! What were you thinking?

I've gotta say, this very well might have been a deal breaker for that friendship if it had been my kid.

Ick. Just ick.


Lisa W. said...

EW! Nope can't imagine it!

Teresa said...

Um... NO! That's being more than a tad too intimate with a baby not your own. I breast fed both my kids... and I can't imagine feeding any child but my own - under normal every day circumstances. (mind you under a dire emergency - it's different)

I don't know about passing viruses through the milk... but just think about the different "normal" types of germs on different bodies - a baby is used to "mom-germs"... some other woman may cause problems because she's not mom.

Nope - if it's not an emergency, please keep your mammary glands to yourself.

Walrilla said...

Wwhat about wetnurses, ladies whose job it was to provide milk for the families' children?

Omnibus Driver said...

Walrilla --

To me, the big difference is that that's a consensual arrangement, and usually in a controlled environment. What that so-called friend did took both consent and control out of the hands of the mother. Not acceptable.

Teresa said...

Today, when a baby needs extra breast milk that the mother can't provide, other women express their own milk into a bottle. It is then either frozen or refrigerated (depending on how long it will be kept) and the baby is bottle fed from this milk.

There is no direct contact between baby and lactating "mother". I used to work in a Neonatal Unit. We often fed neonates in this way because breast milk is much easier for them to digest.

That's why I have such skepticism over viruses being transmitted via the milk itself. We never had any issues with premies and breast milk even 25 years ago. It's more likely that a virus will be passed with direct contact than from expressed milk. And this is the reason other mothers should never directly nurse someone else's baby.