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I was having some friends over for dinner this weekend, and realized that with no stereo and no television, it might be a little bit quiet. I decided to pick up a couple of board games as a "just in case" form of entertainment. The biggest hit? Not Trivial Pursuit. Not Scrabble (I'm still looking for Upwords -- they didn't have it at my local Target) or Monopoly. It was this silly game:

It was an absolutely cut-throat round of games. We had such a great time that now I'm looking to pick up Trouble and Chutes and Ladders just for grins.

I can be such a geek some times...

Mycah is hosting this week's Carnival of the Cats over at TacJammer's joint. For an animal lacking opposable thumbs, she did one hell of a fine job!

Hmmm... I mean, mmmmmmmmmmmm! Carnival of the Recipes Happy Food Edition is up at Jamie Leigh's place.

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Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh what a great game! We always loved that one... and also the game of Sorry too. Fantastic, now I want it again.

Excellent day to you!!