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Bus Fumes

This story just gets thuglier and thuglier. Second City Cop isn't pleased, either.

Looks like the Duke Lacrosse players are finally going to be off the legal hook. What the hell took so long?

Speaking of Second City Cop, here's the quote of the day:
There's a reason the fire trucks and ambulances have those great big freaking sirens on them - that's a damn heavy piece of equipment flying down the street. And after the push for "Pull to the Right for Sirens and Lights" we've noticed citizens failing to do so once again recently.
There's no reason for things like this to happen. Just pull the hell over when you hear sirens, dammit!

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Teresa said...

Now that I have the ability to grab WLS on my Treo... I have been tuning into Roe Conn when I have the chance. I heard him talking about this cop, but hadn't seen the tape until now.

Wow! Pretty egregious and it doesn't make the police look good at all. *sigh* Unfortunately, stuff like this tends to stick to all of them - including the good ones.