Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Excursions -- Blown-Eyed Blodgemeet

Got your ticket yet? I'm telling you, this is one fun group of people, and it will make for an unforgettable weekend.

It's an interesting mix of folks I've already met, folks I've been dying to meet, and a few that I probably wouldn't have stumbled across except through a meet like this.

I'm so excited!

See! El Cap knows me and proves it right here! Is it any wonder I love this guy?

El Cap? These two styles are probably the closest I could find on a quick Google search to what I'm looking for. Fit, color and the rest of that stuff will all come together in the boot store. It's a visceral thing.


Tammi said...

I wish I could, but that's the MilBlog conference and I've already paid for all of that.

But I sure will be thinkin' of y'all.....

Walrilla said...

Those two styles are great! I was so afraid you were going to be pulled in to some of those crazy-ass styles they have out there now, but those are nice, classic, classy styles.



Livey said...

wow I can get a ticket for $84 each way from Milwaukee!

Babs RN said...

I will have to try to do that in another year or two...