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Quote of the Day:
"Today we started out with a vibrant pink presence outside the White House with over a dozen fasters."
How in the world do these nutballs think anyone can take them seriously when they spout lunacy like this? Yeesh!


Nancy said...

Oh. My. Heavenly Days.

Did you check their instructions on "How to Fast".

You can "water fast" by drinking only water,

You can "juice fast" by only drinking liquids. (hmmm....beer is a liquid..)

OR.. for those special people with special health concerns? Well in addition to the "juice", they can also nibble on slices of avacado and banana.

Oh, and you are recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

I am shaking my head as I write this.

Moogie said...


Richmond said...

Good God. I'd like to hose the lot of them down with pepto and flush 'em. Morons.

Dana said...

Upon reading that quote, I immediately pictured huge, pink dildos. Guess I wasn't too far off.

The Wizard said...

Hunger strike? Hahaha!

Like they would actually DIE for this thing they, the Code-pinkos, claim to believe in ... Unlike our troops in Iraq who believe in their mission and this Country, the USA, SO MUCH they would actually die for it!