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Quote of the day:

The world did not stop when that house burned down.

It never does.

Is it any wonder why Christina is one of my heroes?

Dear Lord! My eyeballs will never be the same...

My BlogDaddy
is a free man as of yesterday. Go wish him heartiest congratulations. (And add good wishes for opportunities to "avenge the Pope" as frequently as humanly possible.)

Either Chicago is in extremely fine shape or our elected aldermen have such little tiny pea brains that these are the most complicated problems they think they know how to deal with. Mighty tough to do when they've obviously only got a couple of active neurons apiece firing in their collective craniums.

1 comment:

Christina said...

Oh, bless you, honey!

It's because I have people like you holding me up.

; )

The accommodations may be a bit cramped at the moment, but there is always room for our friends. Invite still stands!