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Chartered Excursions -- Chicago Recap

Another blogmeet, another great bunch of new friends! Sure wish I'd felt better, because I'm quite certain I missed a great deal of hilarity after I left Klas on Saturday night.

So who was there at the Stonewood Ale House on Friday night?

Jimmy B, the Conservative UAW Guy arrived first. Yes, indeedy, folks -- this Buckeye State boy beat Chicagoans to the restaurant, even though he had to fight Friday night rush hour traffic on the Dan Ryan Expressway. I was mighty impressed, and for good reason!

Next to arrive was the Windypundit* -- a guy I've been wanting to meet for some time now. Once I got over the vision clouded with lust caused by his camera equipment (if you saw it, you'd be in serious photo-lust, too), I was pleased to find that Mark is every bit as great of a guy as you'd expect from his writing. One of these days, I hope to meet his missus, too.

A really big treat for me was that Ferdy, the Conservative Cat, let Bruce the Human Pet* and Peg-Eye Nate out of the house for a visit to the Ogmeet. (And I understand we may be changing it to Dead-Eye Nate if Og and Jimmy B have anything to do with it.)

Next to arrive was a complete stranger to me -- Grant Crowell* of Grantastic Designs, Inc., who I understand will soon be blogging under the name of "G-Spot". (Sorry. Couldn't resist.) Grant is a fascinating guy who, once having been threatened by the man, is currently in the process of filming a documentary to expose the truth about Ward Churchill. Let's just say Grant brought very lively conversation to the table!

Finally, Mr. Right* (another of the folks high on my "must meet" list) and the lovely Mrs. Right** rounded out the group.

When you put a bunch of IT* tech heads and an IT teacher**, you also get far more information than a technotard such as my humble self can possibly ever absorb... but it certainly wasn't boring. In fact, it pretty darned heady company.

After the party broke up, but before I could make it all the way home to Chez Bus Driver, I got a call from Mr. Blogmeet, himself, checking to see if I could find a place to meet him, my favorite Beer-Brained pal, and the lovely and talented (and EMPLOYEED) Ms. Tammi, who had been shanghaied earlier by this guy (who didn't attend the Ogmeet -- for shame!).

Oops! Gotta go. More tomorrow!


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

It was worth every stinkin' hour fighting the Ryan. ;)

Can't wait till we meet again, Leslie.
And I think it is Dead-Eye Nate now.


LL said...

It sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun! I wish I could have gone but I procrastinated too long, and it was a yucky drive for only a few hours of meet and greet. If ya'll do another one here in the midwest, I'd really like to meet you and all the others you wrote about. Can't wait to hear your adventures from Saturday and at Klas!!