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From the Rowdies in the Back of the Bus

Are you reading Lila? If not, you should be!

J-Walk held a caption contest that's pretty doggone funny.

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Anonymous said...

From MamamontezzSorry I had to drop this in comments, but the email came back on the wings of a MailerDemon. I hate it when that happens.

Anna had a wonderful birthday! I'll have pictures posted as soon as I have the time to download the camera. There were 25 envelopes for her to open on Friday, and she had another stack of 7 or 8 this evening. She's still trying to figure out what happened!

Thanks again for the Birthday Greetings, and if you need help getting bookmarks, up, my AIM and Yahoo Messenger screen name is Mamamontezz. If I can't help you, I can sure find someone who can. My first attempt
at a site was on Blogspot. I found Blog-city much easier and user friendly, not to mention it didn't have the outages I fought with at Blogspot.