Leslie's Omnibus

Is It Me...

Conversation with my No. 2 Boss a few moments ago:
No. 2: "Is it warm in here?"

Me: "Dude! I'm 51 years old and just beginning to know what a hot flash is. Do you really think I'm the right person to ask???"

No. 2: "I was afraid you were going to say that..."
So I admit it -- I'm going to start with the premise that, until and unless someone under the age of 40 tells me it's warm first, yes, it's me.

I'm so not mentally ready for this.


Harper said...

I have a friend that calls it her 'personal summer' when she is running about 90 degrees on a January day.

Omnibus Driver said...

I'm not there quite yet... but I AM having intermittent power surges.

Anonymous said...

I just turn down the air and pass the youngins a sweater or blanket - my famous saying is I can't take any more clothes off, it's up to you to put more on unless you're prepared to see an ageing body!