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You know, maybe if we had a little more of punishment like this for petty offenses there might not be as many escalating offenses:

(Photo: Bedford County District Attorney/Associated Press)

It's a thought.

Haaaaaaaaahahahaha! Little Levi cried "Unfair!" to Conan... and gets Shat Upon again:

Karma's a bitch, kiddo.

Pelosi actually does as promised?

Congressional Hispanics agree that illegal aliens should not be covered under Obamacare?

The DEA makes it easy for old and dying people to get their pain meds?

To quote Balki Bartakamous, "Dun't be ree-dic-cue-los!"


The new teaser is out for "Despicable Me". I can't wait for this to come out:


Giggle of the Day:

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Graumagus said...

Bahahahahaha how long before Obama appoints a CAPTCHA Czar?