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Driving in Illinois? Here's the latest idiocy they're ticketing for:
An increasing number of drivers are being cited for windshield and window obstructions, which can include anything an officer deems to "materially obstruct" a driver's vision. The only exceptions are government-issued items such as I-PASS boxes and parking stickers.
Yep. That pine-scented air freshener hanging from your rearview mirror can net you a ticket and a search. Whether you're coming for a visit or live in the state, take 'em down.

Well, finally!
Yusuf Ishaq said he resented hearing Hasan called a "devout Muslim" because his actions contradict that. "The man is mentally sick," said Ishaq, of the Bridgeview mosque. "We condemn his actions. ... Islam does not permit what (he) did."

"....We have chosen to be a part of this community," Mustapha said. "We have first, second and third generations that grew up with no other homeland but the United States. We are a part of this country and serve it honorably. We are Americans; we are most concerned about this country."
In the Chicago community, anyway, this is a step in the right direction. More, please.

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Because I needed to hear something heart-warming today:
When Lake Park closes the competition with a near-perfect show, Marian's hopes sink.

Near midnight, a voice bellows the results on the PA system, counting down from 12th place. The announcer says that second place goes to Lake Park. Marian Catholic has won the state championship.

The kids try hard not to erupt. "Shhh, shhhh, shhh," they say to each other, having been instructed time and again that it's not about winning.

Then, a surprise: Lake Park band director Chiodo instructs his students to face the Marian students and play a chorale in their honor. Tears flow from both bands, and from Bimm as well.

The audience files out, and Bimm speaks to his kids.

"Being named the champions today is a huge honor," Bimm says. "But I want you to think about something. ...

"There were some pretty not-happy faces when we finished the performance, because some of you didn't perform as well as you wanted to."

The lesson of the night, adds Bimm, came from Lake Park's impromptu salute.

"With great dignity, they turned around and played for you," Bimm says. "We should try to be like them."
Yeah. It made me tear up a bit.

Gotta head for the shower. I'm meeting Mr. Bill to go see "Mojo Mickybo" this afternoon.

Yes, I know. It's going to inspire me to keep a sharp eye out for another cheap flight to Ireland... which I miss already.

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Barb said...

Clearly, Lake Park has a much better (and classier) band director than in my day. I was in the percussion section of the marching band during my freshman and sophomore years. I absolutely HATED the band director (who ironically, LOVED my sister when she was there 8 years later) so much that I transferred to a different high school.