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Why do I love me some Mamacita? Because she tells it like it is:
Well-behaved children are the most wonderful, beautiful things in the universe. Children who are not, are the opposite of wonderful and beautiful. Parents who do not require proper behavior in public from themselves and from their children are ____________________ well, you fill in the blank yourselves, why dontcha. There are many synonyms for “assholes” in any Dollar Tree thesaurus.

Bring it on.

Data on stimulus data doesn't add up?

Governor Quinn follows in the Blagoviator's footsteps and keeps free rides for seniors even though the RTA is financially strapped?

Unemployment numbers will continue to look like absolute crap for some time to come?

Pelosi once again displays disdain for the voting public?

To quote Gomer Pyle,


Having more than 3 cats requires a kennel license? Why can't we apply this to people, as well?

Becky made me spew my morning chai all over my monitor.

I know what Eric should be for Halloween next year:

woody harrelson
see more Lol Celebs

And here's a little article on the history of zombies for you, too.

Two little pieces of good news on the food front.

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Barb said...

OK, owning -- rather, collecting -- 15 cats is way. Too. Much.