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Gah! Too many [stultifyingly boring] meetings. Big to-do list. Little time to blog. Still need to do wrap-ups of Camp BlownStar and BlogHer, and it may be the weekend before I get to those. In the meantime...

How do you feel about anonymous commenters?

Holy crap. A really good excuse for eating chocolate.

Do the idiots who are proposing this tax on food in order to battle obesity realize that the people who will be the most hurt by it are those on public assistance or low income??? The ones already having trouble affording quality food, and who are the least educated about where to get it and how to prepare it?

Enough nannying. Get out of my pantry already!

I hope the good people of Michigan are listening to what Representative Conyers has to say here:

A little too much transparency for you?

So the great beer and bushwah get together is coming up, and President Chicken Little and Little Big Mouth think it's going to be a "teachable moment."

I certainly hope the lessons learned include:
  • That it's important to express gratitude for a caring (and clearly NOT prejudiced) neighbor;
  • Zipping one's lip and listening, rather than jumping to conclusions, is prudent;
  • Assuming you are a) being treated differently, b) because you are black, and c) acting like an ass as a result, shows your own prejudices and makes what should have and could have been a quick and easy resolution of an awkward moment nearly impossible;
  • If you show your ass in public, you should also publicly apologize.
Nah. Not gonna happen.

Ear Worm of the Day:


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El Capitan said...

Bwahahaaaa!!! I'm so glad you posted that Carly Simon video! Start watching at 1:47 for the stylin' pastel-wearing cowbell guy, and tell me he's not the inspiration for the Sat. Night Live "We need more Cowbell!" skit with Christopher Walken!